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At least a few times a day, I find myself typing index=… into my browser's search bar, and expecting something to happen…

If I were to not catch my mistake and press enter, it would just bring me to a random google search result full of garbage results.

But- what if, you could actually search Splunk or other products directly from the address bar?

Well- it turns out, you can. And- below, I am going to show you how to do it.

This guide should work for either chrome or chromium(not tested). I am quite certain, it would also work for firefox or other browsers as well… but, I have not checked their documentation.

Unknown error (0x80005000) – Getting AD Group Members

Earlier today, somebody asked me to help troubleshoot a piece of code which was randomly erroring out- with a very undescriptive exception, only containing Unknown error (0x80005000)

The code in question, was recurring over groups, to gather membership. After ruling out permissions issues, I decided to try and replicate what was happening.

c# – Logging Directly to Splunk

This is a portion of my Logging libraries, to allow me to log data to Splunk using the HEC. The data being logged can either be a simple string, or a full-blown object. Code examples are below to also handle exporting Metrics to Splunk.