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Lessons learned from a local disaster

Continuation of the home solar project.

Around Midnight, Saturday June 17th, a very strong storm passed over my house, and hit my town and surrounding areas with a 115mph wind gust.

Power was out for around two and a half days, in which case, I powered my house fully off-grid.

While- this doesn't sound like a huge deal- do note, I was able to maintain climate control in my home, along with my ENTIRE rack of servers.

How to start your A/C compressor off-grid.

Starting your A/C compressor generates a massive inrush current. Many inverters will have issues getting the motor spinning.

In the case of my 3.5 Ton unit, the L.R.A. (Locked rotor amps) is 112.0 amps @ 220v (24,640 watts). This is far more current then my inverter can provide. This is the amount of amperage which it can potentially take to start the compressor motor.

This post, describes how to install a soft start, which will allow your compressor to easily start off-grid using your solar array with inverter and batteries, or via a smaller generator.

Installing Solar-Assistant

Per my home solar project, I needed a method to collect data from both my batteries and inverters, in near-real-time, with no dependency on the internet.

Since, my inverter's connection relies on cloud applications to move data around, I decided to give Solar Assistant a try after reading of its support for the solark-12k.

Finished Energy Dashboard:

Home Solar Project - Introduction

One of my projects I have been working on over the last two years, is adding solar panels to my house to offset some/most of my electrical usage.

Here are the goals I wish to accomplish, and how I plan on accomplishing them: