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Installing Solar-Assistant

Per my home solar project, I needed a method to collect data from both my batteries and inverters, in near-real-time, with no dependency on the internet.

Since, my inverter's connection relies on cloud applications to move data around, I decided to give Solar Assistant a try after reading of its support for the solark-12k.

Finished Energy Dashboard:

ConnectX-3 Set Port Mode to ETH/IB

I just swapped my TrueNAS from a Dell R720XD over to a Dell r730XD. During this migration, I moved over my NVMe drives, NICs, and everything else relevant.

However, after firing up TrueNAS on the new hardware, I noticed my 40G NIC was not listed in the list of devices!

After once again googling how to change the mode over, I figured I would just quickly write some documentation incase this happens again in the future.

Home Assistant - Is Working Sensor

Creating simple sensors to determine if we are "at work". Includes setting up a work_days sensor, time of day sensor, and a template sensor to tie everything togather.

As well, includes steps for handling vacation / OoO days, and holidays.

Home Solar Project - Introduction

One of my projects I have been working on over the last two years, is adding solar panels to my house to offset some/most of my electrical usage.

Here are the goals I wish to accomplish, and how I plan on accomplishing them: