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Disclaimers / FAQs / etc

This page is used to store disclaimers used throughout this website.

Occassionally, posts may include a warning such as this:

Amazon Affiliate Links Used

This post DOES include Amazon affiliate links. If you found this content useful, please consider buying the products displayed using the provided links.

You will pay the same amount as normal, however, it does provide a small benefit to me. This benefit is usually used to purchase other products and hardware for which I can review / blog about.

I do not display advertisements on this site. As such, the only compensation from this service, comes from affiliate links. I do not ask for, or even accept donations.

This means, I am leveraging amazon affiliate links for my content. An affiliate link, does not alter or change the price you pay at all. However, if you purchase the products using my affiliate links, I will receive a very small percentage. This helps to support this site.

As you may or may not have noticed- There are no ads. As such, affiliate links are currently the only method I have to recoup some of the hosting costs, and costs to purchase hardware to review and test. So- if you like my content, and would like to see more... those links are the only method of supporting me.


I do NOT accept donations or payments. The only method offered for which you can financially support this site, is via purchasing through affiliate links.

Sponsered Content

I DO accept requests for sponsered content.

I cannot, and will not promise to shed the sponsored product in a positive light.

I CAN promise, I will provide my unbiased opinions and feedback for any product for which I sponsor.

As well, I will only evaluate sponsored products meeting the purpose of this site. ie- It must belong to one of these categories:

  1. Computers / Technology
    • Automation
    • Software development
    • Networking
    • Gaming
    • Most general technology-related subjects fitting the form/feel of this site.
  2. Home/Solar
    • "Smart" products for the home.
    • Mini-split units are included
    • Solar-related products
      • Batteries
      • Inverters
      • Panels
      • etc.
  3. Automotive Performance
    • Holley EFI
    • Turbochargers
    • Performance or electrical parts in general.

If, you are interesting in discussing a sponsorship, I can be reached via