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What happened to reddit?

Why is everyone angry at reddit??

What went wrong?

A very short post, with a few links.

Why is everyone leaving reddit all of a sudden?

Hint, this isn't due to the Apollo app.

It never was. Apollo just happens to be one of the bigger applications affected- and the most vocal.

1. Reddit announced API changes, which would break/end most all 3rd party applications.

In addition, NSFW content, will no longer be available for 3rd-party applications.

2. Reddit did an AMA to address the changes.

AMA Link

However, during this AMA, basically none of the questions were answered.

And, during this process, spez was even caught copy and pasting from an answers sheet. Archive Link

He, of course, edited his reply. Hence the archive link.

3. Reddit goes offline to protest changes.

Over 75% of reddit subs went private in order to protest the changes.

4. Spez, refers to the moderators as noise, and says this protest will pass.

5. Spez replaces moderators who were apart of the protest.

This of course, happened after reddit claimed it wouldn't be forcibly re-opening any of the subs.

Will try and dig up some of the archive links from reddit posts which were deleted...

Users are reporting their deleted posts, are becoming undeleted.

Many moderators after being threatened, re-opened their subs, with a twist.

John Oliver

That twist is- you can only post pictures of John Oliver.

Of course, this was voted on by the community, and not just forced by the mods.

Link to poll

Link to explanation

Link to poll

Link to explanation

Many other subs are also participating in this movement. A fine example of r/maliciouscompliance... (Or- better yet- c/maliciouscompliance)

News post - The Verge

r/steam - From steam (video game hosting) to Literal steam.

Play games on steam? Well, since r/steam was forced to re-open, they decided to only post pictures of literal steam!

r/horny - From NSFW sub, to NSFW Christian Minecraft Server sub

Despite how r/horny may appear- Its all pictures of a christian minecraft server now.

The sidebar is also worth a glance.

Better News

The verge has created a consolidated news thread of all of the events occurring.

I would highly recommending giving it a read.

It is far more up to date as opposed to my post here, as they are actually paid to keep it current, and accurate. (I don't get compensated for this. I don't take your donations either.)

Where have my favorite subs went to?